Two teachers unlock each other.

They use and utilize their BasicHumanLove to achieve that.

That's a basic empirical observation here in TAJA TT®.




I'm Joy and you are going to find below some information about a course I teach alone, and have taught with my partner Alan using the Taja TT® T2® teaching paradigm and methodologies.

The course is called- "BasicHumanLove, You are fundamentally rich already."

Here are some comments from the students themselves about the effectiveness of the course and the Taja® teaching systems, sent to me in text messages.

In my opinion no matter how rich a country is, a loveless country is a failed country, a failed society, just as a human being that cannot express, receive, or give love is a damaged and failing human being.

This one term course intends to root in students the fundamental principles that govern harmonious human interaction- BasicHumanLove™- caring, helping, trusting, honesty, warmth, respect and kindness.

The course intends to help students touch... touch themselves with BHL™, others whom they interact with BHL™, and the world around them with BHL™.

The course covers many different aspects of the human experience pertaining to love- motivation and intention, mind mechanics, sense mechanics, consciousness, personal responsibility and skill sets for a lifetime.

Curriculum includes theory, and practice.

The course strives to inspire and motivate students to move beyond the limiting fences of money and power and develop their own talents and innovation so that they can be of value to society as a whole, and be of value to themselves and family too, i.e., live a meaningful and purposeful life.

This course is designed under the theme of "Life and Life Skills." I would be happy to provide you more information upon request.

Below you can find out how we've taken the course beyond just the classroom.



When you unlock the teacher, you unlock the student.


You unlock a feeling.


The feeling of "wanting" to be a student. A better student.

The feeling of "wanting" to be a teacher. A better teacher.


"Captivated and engaged" doesn't end in the classroom with a TAJA TT® paradigm.


Trying to inspire, captivate and empower students is the ongoing MISSION of every teacher. You're their teacher for life. Not just for one term. We need to feel like that. That's how we help our students in their own empowerment processes.

As educators we want to teach our students to be creative, innovative and to take calculated sane risks. All of that, of course, starts with us, the teacher, and the school.

If we aren't "that," well, there is no way we are going to teach our students to be that way too.


TAJA TT® recognizes that students become very discouraged if there is no continuity.


TAJA TT® therefore expands its wings outside of the classroom.


With two teachers, this is possible in a continuous manner.

It's not much of a workload. For one it is way to much.


We use a free local Chinese Chat network (WE CHAT) to continually stay in touch and teach our students, at their pace and convenience, long after the term is over.


We use VISUALS to keep the class going long after the term.

We use visuals rather than the blackboard to get the curriculum messages across, and to keep students engaged with continuity in the subject matter, at their pace and convenience.


Find below a few classic samples from our spoken English language course called "BHL. BasicHumanLove. Life and life skills- you are fundamentally rich already."

We have hundreds more.

The below visuals correspond to the curriculum taught.

These visuals are wechated i.e, they are sent to those persons who signed up to our WECHAT ID.

Students who wish sign up to our wechat, can easily do that for free.

And profit from TT® that way too.


The visuals only start once the term has ended.

Not during the term. Please note that fact.


These visual messages (and many many more) were sent after the term was over, and they will continue for approximately 6+ months, weekly, sometimes daily, (sometimes a few in one day only!).

Students consequently are reminded of the course material, and are encouraged to practice, study more and ask questions to the teachers continuously through the chat service long after we the teachers have disappeared from the main stage, from the classroom.


We're here for our students, with them.

We want you to be too, with yours.










That is a win-win for everyone.




How to?


License TAJA TT® today and start TT'ing immediately.

We'll teach and show you AND your school how to.

It's easy. It's TAJA™.






>Mr. Alan Abrams for TAJA TT® information.



Contact us by email to fill in our online survey so that we can get a better grasp of your school, its specific needs, and how to best TAJA® THEM.

Contact Alan for more information about the cost of onsite training of your teachers in the TAJA TT® paradigm/ methodology.

A university is not just a place for a meeting of minds. It's also a business. Alan will show and calculate with you the millions Taja TT is going to put back into your school bank account, back into your business consecutively year after year. Taja TT Onsite Training is here to help you and your school unlock your potential, saving you big money along the way.


>Mr. Joy for terms of employment.



Joy would like to teach spoken English at your university.

A spoken English language course.

Inquire into Joy's availability for employment in academic year 2016 or alternatively starting in September 2017, today. Joy will not just teach an English language course on his own but he will also train your teacher of choice in TAJA TT® (as a free bonus) as part of his teaching employment contract.

Joy is now looking to seal a new teaching contract at a prestigious university either in China, or abroad.

Joy and Alan both are both presently teaching at Guilin University of Technology (GUT), in Guangxi province.

Alan has been teaching at the university for over ten years, Joy just one year.
Joy wants to move on to wider horizons, Alan just got married and plans to stay.

The below spoken English language courses are for Chinese university students.

These courses have already been taught by Joy alone, and both by Alan and Joy together using the 2 teachers - 1 classroom dual teaching TAJA TT® system, at the university in China for Chinese students.

Both are for freshman up-to and including post-graduate students.

The 28 hour one term course which Joy would like to teach at your school is called "BHL. BasicHumanLove. Life, and life skills- you are fundamentally rich already."

Alternatively, Joy offers and can teach a two term 50 hour course called "HEALth... take yours to a whole new level... physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually too."

Chose which course you would like Joy to teach at your school and watch for a year or two TAJA TT® in action before deciding if to implement it in your school too.


Unlock the potential.


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From China with love.